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free delivery with $120 spend
free delivery with $120 spend

FAQs for Subscription

FAQs for Subscription

1. Can I exchange the products if there is a defect?

Yes, absolutely! If there is any problem with the product, please head to any of Nature’s Farm outlets and our Nutritional Advisor will be happy to exchange a bottle for you after confirming the defect.

2. What is the guaranteed freshness period?

We guarantee a healthy expiration date of more than 6 months for each product given.

3. If I have more than 1 person in my family taking, can I upgrade the subscription or purchase more?

If you have more than 1 person in the family, you may consider getting 1 subscription for each member that is taking the supplement. Alternatively, you can do a one-time purchase to ensure ample stock for all of the family members. Delivery fee is free.

4. How do I cancel the subscription?

To cancel the subscription, please contact the respective nutritional advisor that you have purchased the subscription from OR email to us at Please note that you can only cancel your subscription after 3 rounds of payment.

5. Do I get loyalty points from purchasing?

Yes! For all 6 months subscription, you will get 200 member points (worth $10) and for 1 year subscription, you will get 400 member points (worth $20). For every 20 points, you can redeem a $1 off discount from your purchase.

6. Are subscription deals available for international customers?

Subscription is currently only available to Singapore orders.

7. Can I switch products half way through the subscription?

We are unable to provide you with this service at the moment. To switch subscription, you will have to cancel your subscription and resubscribe for the product that you want to take.

8. Why doesn’t the subscription period match the number of products given? I.e. 6 months subscription but only 5 bottles given.

Each bottle of products has a different dosage and number of tablets within. For example, Nature’s Farm Probiotics+ 90s has 90 tablets within and the dosage is 2 tablets a day. The bottle will require you 45 days (1.5months) for you to complete and so we will send you one bottle every 1.5 months. This means that you will only need 4 bottles of Probiotics in 6 months. However, we understand that you may take an extra tablet on some days so we are giving you 1 bottle extra for that.

9. What are the terms & conditions for subscription?

  • Subscription is not valid with any other promotions, offers or privileges
  • Subscription is not valid for points redemption
  • Subscription is not valid with any other vouchers (e.g. birthday vouchers or fortune vouchers)
  • Strictly no refund upon purchase. Cancellation can only be done after 3 rounds of payments. If cancellation is done before 2 full charges, customers will have to pay 50% of the purchased price.
  • Nature's Farm reserves the right to change usage terms & conditions without prior notice
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