NutriXant® 60s
Advanced age-defense booster for your skin cells
  • A unique formula combining powerful antioxidant AstaREAL® Astaxanthin, Vitamin C & Vitamin E to exert versatile action for a total cellular shield against premature skin aging
  • Works extensively at the core of aging – the cells
  • Works deeply at skin cells and helps to protect all skin layers: stratum corneum, epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue
  • Improves every aspect of skin conditions 
  • Targets both fat & water soluble skin areas 
  • Protects your delicate skin cells against destructive effects of toxins, pollution, UV radiation, smoking, alcohol, poor diet, medication and so on. 
  • Clinically proven to show amazing, visible results:
    • Hydrates dry skin 
    • Smoothes rough skin 
    • Relieves oily skin 
    • Lightens pigmentation 
    • Reduces wrinkles 
    • Prevents skin sagging
Suggested Usage:
Take 2-3 softgels daily, directly after meals