Yummi Bears® Wholefood 90s
Got a picky little eater at home? Well, fuss about it no more.
The Yummi Bears® range of children vitamin supplements are made using the highest quality ingredients, scientifically formulated with a child’s growth and development in mind.
Yummi Bears® offers wide variety of premium formulations that provide optimal nutritional supplementation and support. Best of all, Yummi Bears® gummy supplements use only natural flavouring and colouring and are all gluten, allergen and dairy free!
Yummi Bears® Wholefood is especially beneficial for children who are extremely fussy about their food. Harnessing the goodness of 15 certified organic fruits and vegetables, this delicious gummy provides the powerful Vitamins A, C and E, which act as super antioxidants to protect children from free radical attacks.
With Yummi Bears® Wholefood, fruits and vegetables will never taste the same again!
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Suggested Usage:
Take up to 3 bears daily