Nature’s Farm® SkinPURE+ Supreme Collagen Beauty Drink 30s
Beauty Powdered Drink For A Pure and Beautiful Skin
Offer your skin a deep nourishment with Nature’s Farm® SkinPURE+, a premium beauty powdered drink combining 13 high-performance nutrients (Collagen, Pine Bark Extract, Polyphenol Blends, Strong Antioxidants, Vitamins and Mineral) with outstanding 6-in-1 action to reveal beautiful skin that shines from the within.
All of the beauty-enhancing vital substances from SkinPURE+ work together for effective cleaning, repairing, hydrating, firming, shielding and lightening effects.

• Clears and purges the skin of impurities
• Encourages natural skin repairing process
• Improves skin’s moisture-locking ability
• Supports collagen production for supple skin
• Defends against the assault of free radicals on delicate skin cells
• Minimizes melanin production and lightens pigmentations 
Suggested Usage:
Take 2 sachets daily.
Consume on its own or mixed with 50ml of water / fruit juices.