Allure+: Reversing the Tracks of Aging Skin

Sleep deprivation, pollution, improper diet, stress, age and genetics are some of the common reasons behind poor health. Unfortunately, this often presents itself on your face first, resulting in dull and troubled complexion that can make you look older and fatigue. Moreover, you will start to notice more visible fine lines and wrinkles on your face.  Dull and lackluster tone, age spots, rough texture, poor blood circulation and a much less firm, resilient looking skin; they are coming to haunt you as you stand before your mirror. And what do you need? Collagen.

Your body naturally produces collagen that it needs, but this production is gradually disrupted as part of the natural aging process. Aging skin loses collagen at the rate of about 1% per year. One has naturally lost almost half the collagen by age 50.

Unveil the Secrets to Restore Youthful Skin

BioScience Allure+ 12,000mg Collagen Beauty Drink is a cutting-edge breakthrough collagen formula derived from years of advanced research and development. Now with increased concentration and potency, the all-new Allure+ comes with refined-quality age-defying nutrients for visibly longer-lasting results. Further enhanced with added aqueous CoQ10 and total vitamins, the delicious blackcurrant-flavored Allure+ also features a perfect blend of super antioxidants, powerful skin-hydrating nutrients and 12,000mg of ultra-small, low molecular weight collagen peptides for better and quicker absorption to dramatically intensify effectiveness.

Intrinsic and Extrinsic Boost for Matured and Healthy Skin Cells

               The Beautė-Duo Action of Allure+ targets both the matured skin cells and healthy skin cells, slowing down the aging process and promoting youthfulness of your skin at the same time. Allure+ lifts and plumps up matured skin cells that cause fine lines, freckles, saggy skin and dry skin. Meanwhile, it enhances skin’s natural turnover rate to increase healthy skin cells.

Besides, Allure+ Dual Collagen Boosting System provides intrinsic and extrinsic collagen support to your body. Externally, Allure+ supplies readily available collagen to provide quick results for skin firming while internally, its active ingredients stimulate our body’s own collagen production.

Allure+, One of the Best Collagen Formulas

As you may notice, there are a lot of collagen products available out there in the market. However, are you taking the right type of collagen? As a matter of fact, the most studied collagen is of marine origin, and the collagen needed for skin is type 1 collagen. Allure+ provides 100% pure fish scale collagen. A published study demonstrated that fish collagen is 1.5 times more absorbable than porcine collagen. Fish collagen has less cross-linking than bovine or porcine collagen, thus, its solubility is much higher than the others, making it easier to be absorbed and utilized.

An important thing to take note is that most collagen drinks in the market do not reveal the size of collagen. The size of collagen in commercial collagen dinks ranges from 3,000 Daltons to 50,000 Daltons. Allure+ uses only 2,200 Daltons collagen that can be quickly assimilated by your body. This is the smallest molecule size of collagen that you can find in the market. Being smaller means that the collagen molecules are more readily to be absorbed and they work more effectively as compared to the large ones.

Actually, we lose 3,000-5,000mg of collagen daily. Ensuring an optimal level of collagen is essential to allow sufficient collagen level to be utilized for overall body needs. Collagen will be utilized first by essential body structures before it reaches the skin. Allure+ provides one of the highest concentrations of collagen in the market at 12,000mg. It is more than two times higher in concentration compared to most commercial collagen drinks. By taking 12,000mg collagen, it ensures sufficient replenishment of daily collagen loss, to meet daily collagen demands, and to ensure optimal level reaches our skin to maintain youthful, healthy complexion.

What makes Allure+ so unique is not only due to the superior collagen added, this outstanding formula is enriched with 16 others essential and scientifically proven ingredients to extend the beneficial effects, namely Acerola Extract, Vitamin C, Aqueous Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG), ORYZA® Rice Ceramide, Organic Maqui Superberry™, Red Orange Complex® Citrus Cinensis Extract, ORYZA® Sakura Extract, SOD-Like and Vitamin B-Complex.


·         A cherry that has nature’s richest source of Vitamin C

·         Works together with added Vitamin C

·         Provides antioxidant protection

·         Stimulates natural collagen production

·         Improves blood flow

Liquid CoQ10

·         Neutralizes free radicals

·         Energizes skin

·         Stimulates skin cell activity

N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) and ORYZA® Rice Ceramide

·         Moisturize the skin

·         Activate growth of fibroblasts

·         Increase rate of fibroblasts in producing both hyaluronic acid and collagen

Organic Maqui Berry

·         Provides essential phytochemicals to the skin – polyphenols, anthocyanins and resveratrol

Red Orange Complex® Citrus Cinensis Extract

·         Protects fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen)

·         Whitens skin

·         Helps prevent dry skin

SOD (Superoxide Dismutase)-like substance

·         Protects skin against cell-damaging free radicals

Vitamin B-Complex

·         Revitalize and energize skin cells

·         Stimulate growth of new skin cells

·         Increase oxygen supply to the skin

·         Prevent acne and pigmentation

If you have been struggling with dry, dull, wrinkled, saggy or other skin conditions for long, BioScience Allure+ is the best choice to adjust your skin’s function and nourish your skin. Of course it works equally effective for healthy-looking skin – it acts as a beauty staple to slow down aging process and maintain youthfulness. Sip it to believe it today!