Transforming and Upgrading,Towards the Future!


   Since its inception in 1982, Nature's Farm has always been committed to providing customers with the best quality health care products and health food. Having accumulated many VIP members in our near 20 outlets in Singapore, we provide the over hundreds of health care products and health food.

      As we celebrate our 35th anniversary, Nature's Farm ushered in a historical milestone,
constantly transforming and upgrading, building a large health management service platform is imperative.

      This year, Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's National Day speech mentioned three points:


      1、Paying attention to pre-school education & encouraging people to give birth.

      2、Expressing concerns about our population's health, mainly diabetes.

      3、Accelerating the realisation of a smart nation & providing assistance to the nations' elderly health


Each of the above is in line with the direction of Nature's Farm development, we will provide pregnant women, newborns and diabetes patients with more scientific and better health care products, using modern big-data mobile medical equipment for the elderly to provide timely health management services.
Nature's Farm not only sells health care products and health food, but rather aims to provide health management services for the people, which is a broader concept of health care, combining products, technology and services to improve people's quality of life and to create a healthy future for all.

On the 28th of 
August this year, Nature's Farm Singapore headquarters held a exceptionally lively celebration 35th anniversary party.

Nature's Farm is the category leader in Singapore for UMF Manuka Honey, offering a large range and variety of Manuka Honey products and brands. We held a special 'blind taste test' for all our employees, with the eventual champion winning some fabulous prizes! 


Music, Wine, Luncheon & Gifts 
for everyone...

       Transforming and Upgrading,Towards the Future!

       Since 35 years after founding the brand, we cannot do without the sacrifice, support and efforts of everyone!

Onwards we march hand-in-hand, towards a better journey…..

In line with our 35th anniversary, we have large-scale activities and promotions to all our members and customers, to thank you all for all the support and patronage you have graciously given to us. 

   For our customers and partners in China, kindly do visit our TMall and JingDong online flagship stores for your favourite Nature's Farm products below!

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