Nature's Farm Transformation and Upgrading in Progress

"Greater Health is a global concept based on the development of the times, changes in social needs and disease spectrum. It focuses on the basic necessities of life and death, concerns various health risk factors and misunderstandings, advocates self-health management, under the guidance of the concept of overall care for life. It pursues not only the physical well-being of individuals but also the complete well-being of the mind, biology, physiology, society, environment and ethics. Promoting not only a scientific and healthy life, but more right health spending. It covers a wide range of health-related information, products and services, as well as the actions taken by various organisations to meet the health needs of society."

  This week, Nature's Farm partnered with government agencies such as the National Foundation for Kidney Disease (NKF) and the Children's Cancer Foundation (CCF) in Singapore to promote the concept of health management and to advocate more love for the elderly and children.

The event was held in VivoCity Singapore, where we provided free health screening like blood pressure was measured, general health checks were conducted and personal health record was created. Testers were then given nutritional counselling and recommended suitable nutritional and supplementary products.

Also, a donation box for the Children's Cancer Foundation was also present, and we thank your 
generosity in helping and showing love to the young ones! 

After completing the health check, you will receive complementary Nature’s Farm cash vouchers where you can purchase recommended heath products.

Committed to providing people with healthy lifestyle solutions, Nature's Farm will continue to work with health organisations to provide best health products to consumers with complementary health management services. Nature’s Farm will continue to enhance its brand awareness and influence, to build a large health management platform, and will actively promote transformation and upgrading of the health care industrial.