BrainCo Focus1 reaches Singapore

Using our thoughts to direct desk lamps, drones or even moving white mice, judging whether a person's attention is focused or not without inspection, letting the disabled to rely on mechanical assistance to move just by using their brain power….  These scenes that seem to only appear in science fiction movies, are now part of a reality.

"Consciousness" is a science or super-power? What is scientific logic? In the ultimate battle of brain-computer interaction, would the machines control the human brain? If consciousness can be hacked, will it lead to some people controlling other people's brain?

How is "consciousness" achieved? The name of this technology is "brain-computer interaction." The basic principle of brain-computer interaction is to analyze brain waves. At present, brain-computer interaction technology has been applied to many fields such as medical treatment, education and transportation.

BrainCo, a brain research center at Harvard University in the United States, devoted itself to research and development of brain-computer technology product - Focus1 for a long time and is about to unveil the mystery. Singapore has been chosen as the first stop of the launch, and Nature's Farm, as a 35-year national health product brand in Singapore, adheres to its management philosophy of "originating from nature and serving health", and the brand image has long enjoyed popular support.

In the critical period of the Nature's Farm brand's industrial transformation and upgrading, BrainCo came to Singapore with their newly developed brain-computer technology product - Focus1. With the high-tech standard of products and the reputation of Nature's Farm, the store is the ideal platform for promotion. The two sides work together in a strong way to bring customers the world’s first-in-class top-level technology products through nearly 20 local stores in Singapore to increase user experience and interaction.

Combined with Nature's Farm's brain-strengthening products to realize the organic combination of high technology and nutrition, and witness the miraculous moment of technology changing life and serving health!

Brainco, based in Harvard, Boston, USA, is a world-leading in EEG data research and is the best company in the world to engage in brain-computer interfaces. Harvard is the cradle of new technology, the cradle of new thinking and the cradle of the founders of high-tech public companies. Dr. Han Bi Cheng is the frontline of academic leaders and vanguard for the brain-computer era.

Dr. Han Bi Cheng has been engaged in the research and development of brain-computer interface for more than 8 years. He led the young talents gathered in Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology and other famous universities to make unremitting efforts to develop the world's first real brain for education Machine Interface Controller - FOCUS1. This home wearable brain control smart device has caused widespread concern in the industry. AFP, Discovery News, Yahoo Tech and many other media as one of the 2016 CES eight features.

Developed jointly by Harvard education faculty and brain science center experts, Focus 1 is the world's first attentional testing system to improve the learning efficiency of classroom students. Equipment includes the collection of EEG head ring and supporting system software. Focus 1 is committed to applying the world's most advanced technology to redefine education.

Soon BrainCo will bring Focus1 to Singapore, together with Nature's Farm, to merge the high-tech big health industry to the education industry ~ interested Singapore educational institutions and platforms can contact us for more information.