Nature's Farm was invited to participate in InStyle Elite Club Welcome 2018 Party!

Elite Club is one of the most influential social networking platforms for Chinese elite women under the InStlye Magazine flagship. Nature's Farm, being the Black Gold member of the Singapore Branch, is invited to participate in this festive party, which aims to integrate high-quality businesses and enterprises to open a new chapter in 2018.


On the evening of the Welcome 2018 Party, Executive Presidents, Vice Presidents, Deputy Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Executive Committee and elite women from all walks of life attended the gala dinner, dressed up for attendance, smiling and radiating elegance. Invited guests include Singapore artist Lee Teng bringing surprise to the party.


        These independent and intelligent free elite women naturally are more attentive towards the pursuit for high quality of life. Nature's Farm has always been concerned about the health of women. Hence at the gala, we specially prepared our most celebrated products, which are most favored by female consumers, dedicated to the care and maintenance of women from the inside to the outside.


      Haddrell's® Manuka Honey, a nourishing and beautifying divine artifact, the preferred choice for many women's skin care, a secret most people do not know is that manuka honey can be used as a face mask!

This anti-inflammatory acne, cleansing skin without additives, all natural and luxurious facial cream! Mixing with water to drink aids digestion and detoxification amongst many benefits.

      Nature's Farm Star Products!

Super Antioxidant - PYCNOGENOL® (French Pine Bark Extract)

Chronic Fatigue Reliever - ROBUVIT® (Oak Tree Bark Extract)

MIRTOGENOL® - Eye Health Nutrition

PYCNO® 50 Plus – Comprehensive Nutrition Provider

       Welcome 2018 Dinner was slowly approaching the end with many laughter and joy, each member's unique charm also left a deep impression on one another. Beauty is not just a concrete manifestation of those that are confident, charming and have an independent personality. Regardless of age or looks, the temperament that exudes from the inside gives everyone an unparalleled unique charm.

     As a Black Gold member of Elite Club, Nature's Farm will work together closely in 2018 to move healthily and elegantly forward!

(Elite Club coverage of AEEA Charity Dinner)