Singapore's Nature's Farm wins the "2017 Fashion Award"

January 26, Nature's Farm - Camsing International held the 22nd Annual Festival in Guangzhou Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

This year's theme for the annual festival is "A Thousand Splendid Stars"

Representatives and principals of all business groups of the Camsing Group were in full attendance

Reminisce 2017, Onward 2018!

Wonderful singing and dancing performance at the annual festival

Annual Grand Lucky Draw

As a member of the Group's Health Sector

Nature's Farm won the "2017 Fashion Award" award
2017 for Nature's Farm was a bountiful year! Gaining multiple awards!

        Adhering to the business philosophy of "Nature’s Best Within, Serving Health Begin", under the great leadership of the Camsing Group Corporation, while relying on being the 36 year old national health brand of Singapore, 2018 will see Nature's Farm creatively launch a "Health Products + Health Data Management Platform + Health Service Platform" concept.

        In Singapore, we will work with insurance companies to build a "Nature's Farm" centric medical centers and remote cardiac rehabilitation centers to extend its medical services to initiate our transformation and upgrading!

        With 36 years in our history, we know very well the mission and responsibilities we have been shouldering. For 2018, let us join hands to create a healthy and beautiful future by not forgetting to “remember our origins, and forge ahead with courage and perseverance".