Were you attracted by the cool black technology featured in the 2018 Spring Festival Evening?

Watching the 2018 2018 Spring Festival Evening, were you not attracted by the magical head ring all celebrities were wearing?

       Harvard brain-computer company BrainCo is honored to receive CCTV 2018 Spring Festival Evening invitation to participate in this year's Spring Festival Gala to share our superb brain control technology many celebrities and audiences.

Let's take a look at how the stars use the BrainCo technology to light up New Year's wishes this Spring Festival:

Spring Festival Lighting up Wishes

The "holy artifact" mentioned by the Spring Festival Evening hosts and what is wore by the celebrities is none other than BrainCo developed Focus 1 head ring. Lighting up their wishes in the Spring Festival Evening, we take you to recap some scenes from the Spring Festival Gala here:

2018 Spring Festival Evening Wishing – Using mind control to light "sweet" lanterns

2018 Spring Festival Evening Wish - Li Yifeng controlling the "talent" lantern

The stars have lit up the wishes lantern with their thoughts

Nature's Farm in Singapore Pioneering Black Technology

        At the beginning of December 2017, BrainCo Company invited Singapore's local brand Nature's Farm to hold a product promotion event in Singapore. Dr. Han Bi-cheng, the founder of the brand, gave a brilliant presentation and demonstration on the application of brain-computer interface technology and its Focus 1 product. Nature’s Farm’s management shared the forecast of the industry prospects and their own entrepreneurial mentality. Netease, Xinhuanet, International Online, Chinese headlines "new headlines" and "new business" channel have done related coverage.

       BrainCo brings the high technology level of products to rely on the popularity of Nature's Farm physical stores as a promotion platform. The two sides work together to bring the world's top technology products to customers through nearly 20 stores in Singapore, increasing users experience and interaction. Combining with Nature's Farm's brain-strengthening supplements to realize the organic combination of high technology and nutrition, and witness the miraculous moment of technology changing life and bringing health!

What is the Black Technology behind the Head Ring?

     The brain-computer interface technology used in this head ring, also appearing on the cover of the Economist in early 2018, is said to be the next milestone after AI. Brain-Machine Interface (BMI) technology enables direct communication between the human brain and external devices, controlling the machine with brain activity and exercising brain functions. The technology will redefine many areas of application, such as smart living, sleep management, pain monitoring and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.

   In 2017, Tesla founder Elon Musk and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg set up BMI companies and teams respectively. However, the research on the human brain is very complicated. Top research institutes are devoting themselves to study more complicated functions through brain-computer interface technology.

       As the world's leading brain-computer interface company, BrainCo will work with Nature's Farm in Singapore to serve the general public and student community, train people's minds, improve learning and work efficiency, and help students improve their overall performance.

Parents most anticipated and demanded educational products of 2018!

Stocks are about to arrive in Singapore, so stay tuned!