Nature's Farm USA Trip – Exploring Secrets to Anti-Aging

As an exclusive distributor for Wakunaga, Nature's Farm went to the United States to participate in the Annual Academic Exchange organized by Wakunaga in March this year.

Nature's Farm carries a wide range of Wakunaga’ s health products - Kyolic Aged Garlic Formulas, Kyo-Dophilus Probiotics and Kyo-Green Super Foods. Among them, the Kyo-Dophius probiotic series is very popular in Singapore.

At the Annual Academic Exchange, Wakunaga showed the new products to be launched, shared the scientific research results of products and market activities around the world.

Wakunaga conducting academic lectures and market-info sharing

Kyolic Aged Garlic Formulas Range


Aged Garlic: It has the functions of activating cells, promoting energy production, increasing antibacterial and antiviral capacity, accelerating metabolism, and alleviating fatigue. Aged garlic can combine with other substances (sugars, lipids, proteins, etc.) to produce a complex effect, as well as dilating blood vessels and improving blood circulation.

Nature's Farm COO with Wakunaga CEO and Team

Participating in California Nature Reserve team-building activities

New Product Launched: Kyo Green® Greens Blend


Kyo•Green® Greens Blend contains barley and wheatgrass from Japan's primeval plateau and is effective in enhancing the immune system.

Formulated with chlorella (green algae) which is rich in protein, easily absorbed by the body, and also good for cardiovascular health. Daily use can help the growth of beneficial bacteria in the body, which in turn promotes regular motility of the intestine and adjusts intestinal health.