CCTV Moderator Zhu Xun Dialogue with Camsing International Health General Manager Hua Min: Lighting the Smart Life

In the 21st century, China's major industries are facing many new challenges: The cost advantage of China's manufacturing industry has gradually weakened. China’s future advantages must start from innovation. In today's era, a group of passionate corporate leaders is emerging in China. They are actively innovating and are committed to occupying the high end of the industry chain. In the future, "Made in China" will certainly become "China's intellectual creation."

Huamin, the General Manager of the Camsing Group’s Health Group, recently accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV’s “Beyond” program to share with others how to lead the company to achieve the goal of “Made in China” to “Intelligence in China” to illuminate life with wisdom.

HuaMin, General Manager of Camsing Group's Health Group, and Zhu Xun, host of the CCTV dialogue

1. Moderator: Smart life is the use of modern science and technology to achieve food, clothing, housing, transportation and other knowledge. Life and health are all things that people can't live without. This was originally a traditional industry, but I heard that Manager Hua has introduced a very advanced teaching aid system. How do you introduce a high level of technology from the great health sector and initiate a smart lifestyle?

General Manager Hua: That was in 2016. I went to Harvard University to study the project and met with the founder of BrainCo, Dr Han Wei. Dr Han introduced me to a brain-computer interface product for smart home, a smart headband. Put it on, turn on the light with thoughts, or even turn on the microwave, coffee machine. At the same time as Dr Han’s presentation, I’ve always paid attention to its actual destination and how it can be recognized and accepted by the market. Suddenly, I discovered that when Dr Han wore a head ring and used mental thoughts to switch on the light, the value on his mobile app changed with his concentration, and I realized that previously, focus was an unquantifiable concept. Now, this product can be accurately digitized and visualized. I realized that if the product enters schools and millions of households as an education aid system, it will bring about a revolution in learning.

With this product, we can record a child's attention and concentration in the classroom and at the time of learning in real time. The app can generate the attention record report of this period of time. In the classroom scenario, we also can calculate the average attention value of the entire class in real time, so that we can give timely feedback to teachers to see what they are teaching when they are not focused. Perhaps we can adjust the teaching methods to make students more acceptable? This will greatly increase the effectiveness of classroom teaching and increase the concentration of students' attention. Concentration of attention, classroom results will inevitably be good, learning quality and performance will inevitably increase, which is what every parent is most concerned about. After 1 year of hard work and communication, as well as tests in American schools, the world's first brain-computer interface product “Focus1” for education assistance was introduced to the market. At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the product was selected as one of the top ten highlights of the conference. American "Science" magazine also published an article defining the product can be used for adjuvant treatment of ADHD. With this product, BrainCo has gradually become one of the best brain-computer interface companies in the world. The current direction of R&D is brain control input as well as the study of the impact of EEG data on human ideology.

Founder of BrainCo, Dr. Han Tao, and GM of Camsing Health Group.

Holding a Press Conference in Singapore

Spring Gala of 2018, Celebrities used BrainCo's Focus1 to Light up Wish Lamps

Through this teaching aid system, we can greatly improve the classroom teaching effect. On the home side, we are developing family-friendly software. We hope that through the evaluation and training of "Focus1", every child can quickly focus and grasp the methods of concentration. I believe this is a perfect match for everyone in China. Parents especially who look deeply into vital matters pertaining to their children’s development. 

Camsing Health Group General Manager Hua sharing BrainCo's Focus1

2. Moderator: Attention can be achieved through the use of high-tech digitalization. Can each individual's health status be personalized through numerical records?

GM Hua: Through the Internet and Online Technologies, the digitalized management of health status has been realized. Especially in the field of chronic disease management represented by diabetes and hypertension. Everyone knows that there are still problems in our country that are difficult to see. In the face of new patients, doctors have very limited time to communicate with patients. It is difficult to judge the trend of patients' disease progression because of the lack of massive data support. We are developing a health management system that can be owned by every family through the Internet and online technology. The system consists of smart devices such as blood pressure monitors, blood glucose meters, and electronic wristwatches that can upload data, as well as having an app. Connected with family doctors or medical institutions, daily blood pressure, blood glucose, blood oxygen and other data are uploaded through smart hardware, and can be directly imported into the patient's electronic medical records of community hospitals. The chronic disease data is recorded in time, and a trend curve is generated. This can provide a basis for accurate medication guidance and accurately judge the trend of the disease. This greatly reduces the enormous burden of hypertension and diabetes complications on patients, families, and countries. It provides data support for accurate personalized nutrition instruction and sports rehabilitation programs.

3. Moderator: In the face of the current status of China's medical care, what do you think our health sector should focus on?

GM Hua: I personally think that the Health sector should focus on pre-hospital prevention. Because our country's health education is still very weak, people have limited access to health knowledge. With the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of the people’s income level, the people have transitioned from high-quality food to high-quality life, and demand for health foods and health services has become higher and higher. Through daily data monitoring and trend recording, through personalized nutrition instruction, and through accurate humanistic sports medicine rehabilitation advice, we can realize the management of a person's health through “healthy products + health data management platform + health service platform” can realize health education and management, and it can realize the rehabilitation measures to supervise and change the living habits. Falling ill is not scary as medical treatment can be done in time, what is terrible is to not to know, not to control the development of the disease, and to reach the point where it is "inflammable and incurable." Therefore, I believe that pre-hospital prevention work is the focus of our work and it is also a necessary supplement to the public health care system.

4. Moderator: Private Doctor Consultations and certified pharmacists are common outside of China. The personal awareness of the Chinese people is relatively weak. How do we provide our citizens with personalized health management services?

GM Hua: The core of personalization is to achieve precision and achieve one-on-one management. In response to this, we hope to achieve accurate membership management through the Internet and online technologies through modern means. From the point of view of health management, organic integration of health products, health data management platforms and health service platforms plays a role of prevention and supervision, and proposes personalized nutrition and exercise prescription recommendations based on the specific conditions of each individual. The platform for communication with doctors implements personalized health management services.


Our big health section put forward the guiding ideology of “Health Products” + “Health Data Management Platform” + “Health Service Platform” for the layout of the big health industry. The plan is based on the family. Through Internet technology, it is really accessible by the user's side. The health education, health data management, and health service content are becoming more and more abundant, providing people with quality health service resources.

5. Moderator: With the rise of China's globalization, this era has given us numerous opportunities, but has also brought fierce competition, how do you position your own brand?

GM Hua: As its own brand, “Nature's Farm” is the first company to introduce European and American health foods to Singapore. We have nearly 20 physical stores in Singapore. After 36 years of brand management, “Nature's Farm” has nearly 50,000 members worldwide, it has the best corporate integrity in Singapore. It has also been selected as one of the 10 most influential national brands in Singapore. The company has a number of patents and it is well-established with well-known health products manufacturers in Europe, America and Australia.

“Naturally derived, Healthy services” is the concept of the “Nature's Farm” brand. “Naturally derived” refers to the natural and organic ingredients of our plant extracts as health foods. “Service health” refers to our management of health data. The platform provides customized health education, nutrition guidance, sports medicine guidance, and extends to health management services.


6. Moderator: What is your vision for the future development of the industry?

GM Hua: In the future, the medical and health field will surely undergo tremendous changes. From the medical point of view, the state is gradually realizing the “Medical Union” and the “two-vote system.” The so-called medical associations are the top three hospitals, secondary and community hospitals. Hospitals form a pyramid structure to achieve hierarchical diagnosis and treatment and maximize the integration of medical resources. The so-called "two-vote system" means that through the transparent procurement and the delivery of third-party alternative storage platforms to minimize the intermediate links in the procurement of the medical industry, the hospital will focus on medical services.

The major health sector is going to make great changes under the guidance of the “Healthy China 2030 Development Outline.” With the construction of a health management platform, people’s health awareness will be strengthened, health knowledge will be disseminated to all households, and personalized nutrition guidance, chronic disease data trend records, through the Internet and AI technology. Community hospitals and doctors can provide light medical advice and health guidance, through the hospital's rehabilitation department for personalized sports rehabilitation training. The average life expectancy has been increased from 73 to 79 years according to the outline statistics. While China's economic growth is taking place, it is more ideal for people to have a healthy body so that they can fully enjoy the happiness benefits that the development of the country brings to their family.

7. Moderator: What efforts will you make to achieve brand development?

GM Hua: On the one hand, we must be self-employed. We must not be sloppy in quality standards and product quality. We rely on Singapore's good image of the rule of law, strict quality standards, good products, and to establish a green and healthy corporate image. On the other hand, we have implemented the strategy of “going out and introducing”: In the mainland, the “Nature's Farm” brand has opened Tmall International and Jingdong’s flagship stores. The Chinese name is “natural benefits”; in Southeast Asia, we have to increase The establishment of franchise stores in the Southeast Asian market has strengthened cooperation with insurance companies to establish third-party remote cardiac rehabilitation centres and provide closed-loop management for chronic disease management systems. At the same time, we maintain close contact with the world's advanced health food production companies, and closely follow the development of the industry in product selection and production.

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