How many "maybe" has been said in the world, and became "if only" afterwards

This late autumn is especially sad, amidst the many life-losing tragedies and celebrity deaths.

Famous martial arts novelist, Jing Yong was once asked, “How one’s life should be spent?”
Jing Yong replied, “Live Loudly, Leave Quietly”

CCTV host Yang Liu once told the media that the last words of Li Wei just before his death was,
"No Regrets, Only Memories."

When the memoirs and news started overwhelming the society, "anti-cancer" articles kept popping up online. The top online searches were shrouded in grief every day, we can't help but sigh knowing that death is always sudden giving us no time to say goodbye.

When the elders leave, their only hope is that their decedents know how to cherish life and be grateful, health and personal safety being the most important. At the moment when Harvin learned that Li Wei was suffering from cancer, his heart must have collapsed. In the face of cancer, we seem to have no solutions, hence making prevention the best answer.

More than 35 million people around the world now live with cancer, and they coexist harmoniously with cancer. Why are we now able to "overcome" cancer, why has the survival rate of cancer doubled? It is because our perception of cancer has changed.

We use more scientific means to fight cancer, knowing that prevention is greater than screening, greater than treatment. Prevention is the best strategy. Screening is a good practice. Treatment is the worst stage. We all hope to prevent it from happening. Therefore, prevention is always greater than screening and treatment.

The top ten factors that cause cancer:

To prevent cancer, stay away from these
4 cancer-causing Habits:

Eat less pickled food
Stop excessive drinking
Reduce high- sugar food intake

Keep away from fried food

In today's China, food safety is a concern. Not every person has the ability to go to the United States for medical treatment for major illness. All Chinese people should be most concerned about how to eat healthier and more nutritious within the scope of their ability. Effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer and prevent it from happening. People who pay attention to health care must have heard of the anti-cancer mushroom known as "the mushroom of God" - "Brazilian mushroom".


Agaricus Blazei Murill, known in Japan as Agaricus blazei, is mainly produced in Brazil and South America. However, it is also known as the Brazilian mushroom because it was found in the Piedade Mountains on the outskirts of Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is said that the researchers found that the average life expectancy of local residents is as high as 95 years old. The reason for the traceability is found to be closely related to the long-term consumption of Brazilian mushrooms.

It contains more than 80 essential nutrients, including 10 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 14 minerals, 38 enzymes, b-glucan and other ingredients. B-glucan is widely found in fungi, has a large molecular structure, is not easily absorbed by the body, and has an absorption rate of only about 50%.


Due to its unique active ingredients, it was later introduced to Japan for cultivation. However, the weather that is suffering from its native highland is quite special. The temperature difference between daytime and evening is 10 degrees, and the humidity needs to be maintained at 80% to grow. The output is not abundant. In addition, excessive cultivation will cause the soil to become increasingly barren, and will also affect the quality of the second and third generations of mushrooms, and the development and function will also be reduced.


In order to make this precious mushroom popular, Japan’s Senseiro Company has eliminated all difficulties. After 30 years of research, it has successfully cultivated high-quality Agagles mushrooms by biotechnology and artificial cultivation, and launched Senseiro Agaricus.

In order to let more people know the health benefits of Senseiro Agaricus Mushrooms, Singapore's Nature’s Farm® has introduced Senseiro Agaricus blazei Murill Kyowa Mushroom, which is committed to bringing quality health care products to the most valued customers.


Nature’s Farm® has also repeatedly invited Japanese anti-cancer research expert Mr. Takeguchi to provide product training to employees. As an anti-cancer star product, our Senserio has excellent medical research and clinical trials especially for lung diseases.

Senseiro Agaricus Mushrooms uses the highest quality Brazilian fungal seeds to ensure the quality of Agaricus blazei mushrooms during the cultivation process, ensuring no external pollution such as pesticides, heavy metals and air and rain. They successfully cultivated Agaricus blazei Murill with the unique ABMK active ingredient in the patented soil prepared by nutrition, which not only improved the yield, but also stabilized the nutritional quality of Agaricus blazei.

For more than 20 years since its launch, it has been rated as Japan's first best-selling Agaricus blazei product. It is also the first product in Japan to be published in the Physician’s Desk Reference (US FDA-approved doctor's table reference book). It has been certified by the American Cancer Institute and has been certified by Japan, the United States, South Korea and other countries. So far, it has obtained more than 30 patents.

Exclusive active ingredients - ABMK's Health Benefits

ABMK, which is only present in the genus Agaricus blazei mushroom, has a smaller molecular weight than the b-glucan, and has a higher raw material utilization rate and an absorption rate of up to 80%.

Research by Japanese and Korean researchers’ reports that Agaricus blazei mushroom extract can effectively treat cancer by stimulating the host defense system and support the immune system health of cancer patients.

Health Benefits of Agaricus blazei includes:

1. Immunity

· Support a healthy immune system

· Assist in stimulating lymphocytes (T cells) to form antibodies

· Enhance the ability of helper T cells (TH) and natural killer cells (NK) to destroy malignant cells

· Support healthy inflammatory response

· Antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties

· Reduce cancer treatment side effects


2. Whole body system

· Promote physical and mental relaxation

· Reduce fatigue symptoms

· Improve the quality of life

· Improve nutritional status


3. Cardiovascular

· Improve blood circulation
· Help regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Suitable for:

1. Patients with high risk of cancer (eg, family history)

2. Sub-health people

3. Free of physical weakness

4. Hypertensive patients

5. Diabetic patients

6. Patients with viral hepatitis

Recommended Dosage

General health care: 1 time a day, 1 packet each time.

Immunity is low and people who want high-efficiency health can take 1-3 packs a day.

* It is recommended to eat better on an empty stomach before meals.

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