Cough Cough~

When winter arrives, the phenology changes, the wisdom of the solarity warms the earth, and the seasons are refined. Life is better than you think, but smog makes you always want to escape reality.

As the "small snow" passes, the temperature plummets and the flu virus become rampant. "Cold virus" has never been an accomplice of winter, even Singaporean friends at the equator are not spared~


When the weather turns cold, the body's immunity is low, making flu virus is easy to invade, and people with colds should pay attention to some things that should be avoided during the cold:


People say that "when having cold, not to eat eggs", this mainly refers to the cold with a fever hence it is best not to eat eggs. Because eating eggs at this time will increase the body's calories, and heat in the body cannot be dissipated, which will aggravate the condition.

Therefore, it is not that a big hazard to eat eggs while having a cold, but you must try not to eat a lot of eggs when you are down with a fever, especially fried poached eggs or scrambled eggs.


When one is having a fever, one must eat food that are simple and light.

Honey is beneficial to the body and is rich in nutrients. However, if it is eaten during a fever, it will affect the natural detoxification and elimination of the body's heat, which will aggravate the condition and even cause other diseases.

Pork, Duck meat, Mutton

Pork is high in fat content, over-eating will lead to the creation of phlegm. Duck meat is ‘cold or Yin’ in nature, hence when eaten whilst having a cold could lead to digestion issues. Mutton is considered a ‘hot or Yang’ meat, and consumption of mutton whilst having a cold with fever might aggravate the illness. 


Persimmons are “cold or Yin” in nature, but for those who suffer from cold, eating too much persimmon is easy to aggravate the condition and delaying the recovery of the cold.


Drinking of tea can lead to the excitement of the brain and nervous system, quickening pulse, raising blood pressure and therefore large consumption is not suitable for people down with a cold, which can lead to developing a fever or aggravating the illness.

Moreover, some substances in tea may affect the decomposition of the drug, hindering the effective absorption of medication by the human body, thereby reducing the efficacy of the drugs, which is not conducive to rehabilitation.

Spicy Food

Spicy food are provocative in native and is not suitable for regular consumption, even more so to be avoided when one is having a cold. Spicy food can easily stimulate the body and aid in the creation of phlegm, making the illness much worse than before.


A light diet consisting of less salt usage is recommended for people who are recovering from a cold or fever. Spicy food is usually accompanied by a heavy use of salt, hindering the recovery process. Most importantly, drinking lots of water, taking lots of rest and consuming sufficient vitamins will aid in the recovery as well.

Eating the following foods in winter can help to prevent colds.


Yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, which can promote the growth of white blood cells in the blood, effectively preventing colds. Drinking yogurt every day not only protects the intestines, but also enhances resistance.

Sweet Potato

The skin is the first barrier for the human body to resist external aggression such as bacteria and viruses. Sweet potato is rich in beta carotene, which can effectively improve the skin's resistance, and the calories are low in cellulose, and eating it frequently does not lead to obesity.


Beef is rich in Zinc (Zn), which can help to promote the growth of white blood cells, helps the body to prevent harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria, and improves immunity. 


Eating mushrooms can promote the production and activity of white blood cells, making them more preventive, effectively improving the body's immunity and thus preventing colds.


Garlic can be anti-toxic and anti-bactericidal, and studies have shown that eating garlic can reduce the risk of catching a cold by 2/3. If you digest garlic regularly, you can reduce the risk of colon and stomach cancer.

Nature’s Farm® Super Multis

Contains more than 60 nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and probiotics needed by the body, to provide you with all-round nutrition to improve your daily health.

Especially for people who lack a balanced diet and who are not getting enough fruits and vegetables, this formula can provide all the nutrients you lack. In addition, its slow-release formula can gradually release nutrients into the bloodstream, providing long-sustaining nutrients for the body without taking multiple doses.

In addition, it also contains BioPerine® (Black Pepper Extract) patented ingredients that promote nutrient absorption and significantly increase bioavailability. It effectively strengthens immune function, antioxidant capacity, and can protect the cardiovascular and help digestion. It is a good helper for all-round physical conditioning.

According to the literature, BioPerine® contains 95% standardized Piperine. BioPerine® has been used as a bioavailability enhancer for over 20 years. It can also be eaten with various nutrients to enhance its bioavailability in the human body. In general, it can at least increase the absorption rate of nutrients by 30%.

Health Benefits

Systemic Protection

·      Synergistic effects of ingredients help support health

Immune System Protection

·      Blended with concentrated vegetables and herbs to strengthen the immune system

Antioxidant Protection

·      Provides complete and important antioxidants to protect body cells from free radical damage

Cardiovascular Protection

·      Use auxiliary enzyme Q10, flaxseed, etc. to regulate blood lipids and blood pressure levels

Digestive system Protection

·      Combines probiotics, prebiotics and sustained release enzymes to support a healthy digestive process

Recommended Dosage

It is recommended to take 1-2 times a day, 2 capsules each time after meals.


Suitable for:

· Suitable for men and women

· 18 years old or older

· People with high blood pressure
· People with low immunity 

How do you know if you need to eat health supplements?

According to 1976, Harvard University conducted a 30-year study on the effectiveness of taking nutritional supplements and concluded that taking nutritional supplements is absolutely effective for health!


However, one does not immediately feel the effect, and it takes a few years or more to reveal on the health effect.

According to the research data obtained every 5 years, the number of people who continue to take health care for 5 years is not significantly different from that of those who do not take it; however, the prevalence rate is reduced by 25% compared with those who continue to take health care products for 10 years. Continued to the 15th year, the prevalence rate is reduced to 75%.


Why can't the same effect be achieved through a natural and balanced diet and physical exercise? Let's take a closer look.


·      Nature of Food

According to research, since the Second World War, agriculture has widely used chemical fertilizers in order to shorten the growth period and increase production. This leads to poor soil and a large loss of natural minerals and vitamins. Coupled with the subsequent transportation and processing, the nutritional quality content is deteriorating.

A study of nutrient content was conducted in Japan: the researchers extracted vitamin C from 100 grams of spinach grown in Kanto in 1948 and took out 150 mg. However, in 2000, the vitamin C extracted from the same amount of spinach in the same area was only 13 mg.


·      Environmental Pollution


Scientists based in health research have proven that our living environment is full of countless toxins that are harmful to human health. This includes food, water and even air that contain substances that can destroy human cells. Together with the development of the industry and the additives in the processing of food, it has a greater impact on the natural nutritional value of food.

Free Radicals

Scientists have confirmed that the causes of at least 100 diseases are related to free radicals.

Nutrition problems such as UV, air pollution, water pollution, food and stress can increase the risk of free radical damage.

Antioxidant supplements can promote the body's defense mechanism, fight free radical damage, and the health benefits are scientifically verified.


·      Irregular Living Habits

Modern people are busy with work and stress, it is easy to ignore the daily diet and health. The external food becomes the daily habit of the urban people. The daily 3 meals are always full of food and do not care about the nutritional value of the food.


Take vitamin E as an example. The recommended daily intake is 400 IU (international unit). For natural food intake, we need to eat daily: 99 kg of tomatoes or about 60 kg of carrots.


It has been so difficult to replenish a single vitamin, so it is more efficient to consume all the vitamins needed daily from natural foods or to consume quality nutritional supplements.


Of course, in addition to proper diet, strengthen physical exercise, maintain a good attitude to be more resistant to various diseases, winter must pay attention to cold and warm!


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