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Use Code: '10NEW80' for $10 OFF $80 / '20NEW150' for $20 OFF $150

Nature's Farm® Robuvit® 150mg, 30s

Robuvit® (row-boo-vit) is a patented natural extract from French oak wood, rich in roburins and other flavonoids unique to oak wood. Robuvit® is a powerful, premium quality, evidence-based and natural vitality ingredient. Thanks to its unique properties, Robuvit® has been proven via multiple international clinical studies to offer health benefits in the fields of energy and detoxification.

Uniqueness of Robuvit®

1. Standardization: Robuvit® is standardized to bear > 40 % health-promoting polyphenols: roburins, vescalagin and castalagin, grandinin and vescalin with many further additional antioxidant ellagitannins present.

2. Extraction Method: Robuvit® manufacturing process is based on the safest extraction medium: water. No chemical solvents, no pesticides, no herbicides are used, and CO2 emission is maintained as low as possible. Extracted in a pure, safe and environment-friendly production process.

3. Robuvit® is the result of years of intense research and development by renowned international scientists. To date, 8 clinical studies with 340 subjects have demonstrated Robuvit®'s efficacy in various fields of application such as CFS (Chronique Fatigue Syndrome), mood, allergies, liver and lymphatic functions, blood glucose control, and other energy- and detox- related health benefits. In addition, there are a large number of ongoing studies. Results will be shared on this website as soon as published.

GMP Certified
Halal Certified
Caffeine-Free Formula
Vegetarian Formula
Suggested Usage:
Take 1 capsule 1-2 times daily after a meal.

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