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Ivy Bears Christmas Gift Bundles -Vitality & Wellness


Ivybears Boost Immune 60s
IvyBears® Boost Immune contains important minerals and highly concentrated essential vitamins that are geared towards our body's essential needs. They contain magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, B6, E, D2, B2, B12, biotin and folic acid. The vitamin bears help to improve your physical strength, health, immune system, and daily energy.

Our gummies are naturally delicious, vegan, without preservatives, artificial colourings, flavourings and are free of titanium dioxide.

Our Boost Immune bears tastes like fruity oranges.

- IvyBears® Boost Immune should be taken regularly and for an extended period for best results.
- Two Bears a day are enough to strengthen your immune system.

Ivybears Boost Energy 60s

Boost Energy Bears revitalize mind and body!

IVYBEARS® BOOST ENERGY are functional gummies with delicious taste, scientifically formulated vitamin complex designed to boost your energy level.

Formulated with Taurine, Caffeine and Vitamin B6 and B12 for the best possible results.

IVYBEARS® are Europe's most sold vitamin gummies. 100% free of gluten, soy and free of any artificial flavors.

IVYBEARS® are healthy gummies that do not contain any Titanium Dioxides!

- As a dietary supplement, adults take maximum (2) IVYBEARS® BOOST ENERGY gummies per day. Chew thoroughly before swallowing.


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