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Use Code: '10NEW80' for $10 OFF $80 / '20NEW150' for $20 OFF $150

Nature's Farm® Pacific Polynesia 100% Pure Noni Juice, 750ml


Noni is an evergreen shrub or small tree that grows throughout the tropical regions of the Pacific Ocean, from Southeast Asia to Australia. Noni has a history of use as a topical preparation for joint pain and skin conditions. There are more than 150 properties being identified in the Noni Fruit (also known as Morinda citrifolia). It is rich in essential vitamins, minerals, trace elements and active enzymes. Today, noni fruit juice is used as a general health tonic. Noni is a powerful anti-oxidant with the ability to fight against the body of toxins and free radicals. Hence, it helps in boosting and promoting a healthy immune system. The noni fruit is most commonly combined with other fruits (such as grape) to make juice.


  1. This is 100% pure Morinda citrifolia
  2. It is manufactured from handpicked wild fruits grown in the Pacific Polynesia (Cook Island), and bottled in New Zealand.
  3. It is low in calories.

No added preservatives, additives, colours, sugar or flavour

Health Benefits

  1. Maintain general well-being
  2. Support healthy digestive and immune system
  3. Support healthy response to joint inflammation
  4. Maintain healthy cholesterol level
  5. Promote energy level 


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