BioScience Allure+ Collagen 12,000mg Beauty Drink 50ml x 30 bottles

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Reverse The Tracks Of Aging Skin
Through advanced research and development, the new and improved BioScience Allure+ 12,000mg Collagen Beauty Drink features high quality age-defying nutrients in effective dosage.
Every sip of delicious blackcurrant-flavored Allure+ supplies delicious natural goodness to both healthy and matured skin cells through the unique Beauté-Duo Action-transforming and restoring skin’s youthfulness, suppleness, resilience and radiance.

Beautė-Duo Action:
1. Slows Down Aging Process: Targets matured skin cells that cause fine lines, freckles, saggy skin & dry skin
• Shields skin cells from harmful ultraviolet rays & free radicals
• Lifts & plumps up skin cells
• Hydrates & nourishes skin cells

2. Promotes Youthfulness: Targets healthy skin cells to ensure optimal functioning
• Activates natural collagen production
• Enhances skin's natural turnover rate to increase healthy skin cells
• Revitalizes & energizes skin cells
Suggested Usage: 
Take 1 bottle daily, preferably before bedtime.
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