Nature’s Farm® Joint+ with Celadrin®

Experiencing unbearable pain in your joints?
Nature’s Farm® Joint+ with Celadrin® is a revolutionary breakthrough joint formula that combines the synergistic effects of Celadrin®, glucosamine and M.S.M.
One of the newest and most effective natural anti-inflammatory discoveries, Celadrin® is a proprietary, clinically tested and patented blend of special fatty acids that works extensively for joint lubrication, promoting flexibility and healthy joint function.
With the added Celadrin®, as well as other highly potent ingredients, Nature’s Farm® Joint+ with Celadrin® works in a unique way to maximize long-term joint wellness and restore good joint functioning, working through the entire joint and addressing both causation and symptoms of joint-related problems.
Together, these three ingredients can provide optimum joint wellness, joint flexibility, and joint mobility. What makes this formula so unique is its all-in-one joint support
  • protecting joint muscles, joint cartilage, and joint fluids
  • alleviating joint discomfort
  • strengthening inflammatory response to relieve pain and stiffness
  • maintaining overall joint structure.
Suggested Usage:
Take 3 tablets 2 times daily, after meals

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