Holistic Way Collagen — Marine Collagen + Complete Antioxidants 60s

Holistic Way Premium Skin Food Collagen is a special formulation which combines the natural goodness of Marine Collagen plus the well known benefits of antioxidants. This potent combination may help support the maintenance and regeneration of new and healthy skin for a more radiant and beautiful complexion.
Calcium Ascorbate is a natural form of Vitamin C, which is much more readily absorbed in the blood stream than the other forms of calcium.
The major role of Selenium in our body is to boost the immune system and activation of antioxidant enzymes. These activities are vital for metabolism and body functions.
The other key ingredients in the formula include lycopene, beta carotene and zinc. Studies have shown that antioxidant powerhouses like lycopene and beta carotene improve the skin's ability to protect itself from the harmful UV rays of the sun, which is another cause of aging. 
They slow down the aging process and protect against sunburns and free radicals that cause signs of aging such as, wrinkles. Zinc, an essential mineral is responsible for specific aspects of cellular metabolism functions, protein synthesis, cell division and cellular repair, which makes it effective for aging skin.
According to research, collagen can reduce damage to joints and stimulate reductions in joint-pain, tenderness and swelling. 
Suggested Usage:
1 capsule twice daily or as recommended by a physician.
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