Yummi Bears® Multi-Vitamins & Mineral

Got a picky little eater at home? Well, fuss about it no more.
The Yummi Bears® range of children vitamin supplements are made using the highest quality ingredients, scientifically formulated with a child’s growth and development in mind.
Yummi Bears® offers wide variety of premium formulations that provide optimal nutritional supplementation and support. Best of all, Yummi Bears® gummy supplements use only natural flavouring and colouring and are all gluten, allergen and dairy free!
Popular among parents, Yummi Bears® Multi-Vitamin & Mineral is a kids’ favourite, containing a balanced blend of 16 essential vitamins and minerals to help meet the daily nutritional requirements of children. This delicious gummy not only tastes so good, it also supports the healthy growth and development of your child for enhanced overall well-being.
Also available in:
• Yummi Bears® Vitamin C 60s
• Yummi Bears® Wholefood 90s
• Yummi Bears® Fiber 60s
• Yummi Bears® Echinacea, Vitamin C & Zinc 40s
Suggested Usage:
Take up to 3 bears daily. 

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