Yummi Bears® Echinacea, Vitamin C & Zinc

Got a picky little eater at home? Well, fuss about it no more.
The Yummi Bears® range of children vitamin supplements are made using the highest quality ingredients, scientifically formulated with a child’s growth and development in mind.
Yummi Bears® offers wide variety of premium formulations that provide optimal nutritional supplementation and support. Best of all, Yummi Bears® gummy supplements use only natural flavouring and colouring and are all gluten, allergen and dairy free!
Fortified with a powerful combination of Echinacea, Vitamin C and Zinc, this is the ultimate quick and tasty supplement to protecting your child. Yummi Bears® Echinacea, Vitamin C & Zinc 40s is formulated to contain these 3 super nutrients to strengthen your child’s body and immunity. It helps boost kids’ natural defense system to protect them from common illnesses such as coughs and colds.
Also available in:
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• Yummi Bears® Wholefood Supplement 90s
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Suggested Usage:
Take up to 4 bears daily 

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