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Confused with all the “honey” terminology, Nature's Farm assists you to identify Authenticity!

Confused with all the “honey” terminology, Nature's Farm assists you to identify Authenticity!

Manuka honey is known as "New Zealand's national treasure," the most eligible bachelor; in a nutshell: the world's top honey, the best!

Although expensive,but because of its health benefits,Manuka Honey has been very well received by consumers.However, is the genuine manuka honey you buy genuine? In December 2017, the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) finalized a robust and sophisticated scientific definition that can be used to authenticate whether or not a particular honey is New Zealand manuka honey. They have also introduced requirements to: improve how bee products are traced through the supply chain & to make sure New Zealand bee products comply with importing country requirements.



How to ensure it is authentic Manuka Honey?

New Zealand mānuka honey is produced by bees collecting nectar from the mānuka plant (Leptospermum scoparium). Mānuka plants can be found growing throughout New Zealand. The definition uses 5 attributes (4 chemicals and a DNA marker) that, when present in honey at specified levels, provide clear evidence that the honey is New Zealand mānuka honey.

When honey is tested to the mānuka honey definition, the laboratory will provide the results of the test.

It is up to the operator to interpret these results to determine if the specified levels of the chemicals and DNA are present to allow them to label the honey as monofloral or multifloral mānuka.

The new standard will take effect from February 2018

 After defining the scientific definition of Manuka honey, MPI has issued a new export requirement that will take effect from February 5, 2018.

MPI will check operators regularly to make sure they are following the rules. Beekeepers may also be checked if they are not meeting these new requirements.

To improve traceability of bee products through the supply chain, we've introduced new recordkeeping requirements. If the only thing you do is beekeeping, you must: be listed with MPI; keep information about your apiary sites including the location, number of supers (hive boxes), volumes of bee products harvested, create an identification number for every honey box, provide documentation (harvest declarations) for every delivery of bee products presented for extraction.

New Zealand Haddrell's of Cambridge brand of honey, founded in 1993, and is a 25-year honey brand certified by New Zealand UMF Honey Association. In addition to strictly controlling the quality of its own brands, Nature's Farm also practices strict screening processes of its suppliers. As sole distributor for the Haddrell's of Cambridge brand in Singapore, Nature's Farm has been partnering with Haddrell's Honey for over 20 years now and has also been recently voted “Best Honey of 2017” in Singapore by Women's Weekly Magazine.



Singapore Lianhe Zaobao Exclusive Interview

Founder of Haddrell's of Cambridge Manuka Honey

How to Identify Authentic Manuka Honey?

1. Identifying the manufacturer and brand is very important: 

The Manuka honey producer must have a New Zealand government export certification and a certificate from New Zealand UMF Honey Federation. The picture below shows Haddrell's of Cambridge brand qualification. 

2. Authenticity from the Honey packaging: 

Did you get the above pointers?

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