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Online Exclusive 🎁 FREE Krill Oil 14s with $120 spend!

Nature's Farm shares secret of "Forever Young"

“Set half a century later in year 2067, Forever Young chronicles the life of a group of retired actors living in a nursing home. These zany nonagenarians – formerly the pillars of Singapore’s art scene – are determined to prove that it is not all behind them. The residents do as they are told, but, once their no-nonsense caregiver Sister Sara leaves the room, the pensionable performers belt out musical theatre canons, rock classics and more – the way that only old people can!


“Mr Miyagi” Lee, the Singaporean twist of this European cult hit features a star-studded cast of renowned local thespians. Forever Young is the culmination of Sing’theatre’s 10th anniversary celebrations and runs from 11 to 21 October 2017 at the SOTA Drama Theatre.


At Nature's Farm, we have always cared about the health of the people, especially focusing on our beloved elderly. As the Official Health Supplement Partner for this production, we have chosen Wakunaga Kyolic Brain Focus to highlight its suitability for the elderly to consume, enhancing memory, alertness and mental acuity by improving blood circulation to the brain.

 After the musical, we were treated to the backstage mingling with the actors and other members of the audience. We provided some gift bags for all the invited guests and audience,who seemed to be very interested in our products!

(List of Forever Young Sponsors)


Ginkgo Extract helps to enhance brain activity and cognitive function. By improving the brain's blood circulation, effectively enhancing memory to be vigilant and more refreshed.Wakunaga Kyolic Brain Focus contains 120mg of Ginkgo Biloba Extract per caplet,providing twice the amount of other leading brands!

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Hyumi is a certified nutritionist under the Singapore Nutrition & Dietetic Association (SNDA), she has 8 years of professional experiences in providing health consultations & advice for clients and corporates alike, all the while researching & developing new functional ingredients for better formulation. Hyumi obtained her Degree in Food Sciences & Nutrition from University Malaysia Sabah.

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