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Your stomach is actually talking

On May 10th, Nature’s Farm® and Standard Chartered Bank of Singapore collaborated on a health talk entitled “Detoxification and Purification Weight Loss”. The nutritionist explained the relevance and difference between detoxification and healthy diet to the audience.

There are seven principles for detoxification diet:

♥ Choose original foods to reduce the intake of processed foods ♥

♥ Choose coarse grains and reduce refined foods ♥ 

♥ Balanced diet: whole wheat, protein, fruits and vegetables ♥

♥ Less sugar, less oil, less salt ♥

♥ More meals and less food, 5-6 meals a day ♥

♥ Reduce calorie intake ♥ 

♥ Exercise regularly ♥

Nature’s Farm® Hot Detox Products

 Kyo Green® Greens Blend Powder

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Let your intestines look all day long,

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Hyumi is a certified nutritionist under the Singapore Nutrition & Dietetic Association (SNDA), she has 8 years of professional experiences in providing health consultations & advice for clients and corporates alike, all the while researching & developing new functional ingredients for better formulation. Hyumi obtained her Degree in Food Sciences & Nutrition from University Malaysia Sabah.

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