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Nature's Farm® Chlorella 200mg, 300s


Nature's Farm® Chlorella is a power-packed whole food high in chlorophyll, amino acids, RNA, DNA and other valuable vitamins and minerals. Chlorella is a genus of single-cell green algae belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta.


  • Chlorella is a potential food source because it is high in protein (65%) and other essential nutrients like fat, carbohydrate, fibre, minerals and vitamins. It has naturally occurring chlorophyll, beta-carotene, mixed carotenoids, Vitamin C and iron.
  • Chlorella is a type of unicellular fresh water algae, known for being a vegan source of both iron and bioavailable B12 (cobalamin); it is one of the few green algae to possess a bioactive B12 form. Consuming this seaweed source in one’s diet is associated with higher serum B12 concentrations in vegans when compared to vegans not consuming seaweed products.
  • One tablet of Nature's Farm® Chlorella delivers 98.5% chlorella (broken cell wall) and 7.5mg chlorophyll.

Health Benefits:

  • Detoxify and energize the entire body system
  • Help to purify the blood from toxins
  • Enhance antioxidant protection and immunity function
  • Help wound healing
  • Help maintain cholesterol and blood glucose levels

Ingredient list:  


Free of Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Milk, Egg, Artificial Colours and Preservatives

Recommended dosage:

Take 5 tablets daily for the first week. Increase to 10-20 tablets daily as required, half an hour, before a meal

Product of New Zealand

Vegetarian Formula

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