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Free local delivery for orders over $120🏡📦🚛

Nature’s Farm® Spirulina 1000mg 120s


Spirulina is a cyanobacterium (blue-green algae) consumed as a dietary supplement for its nutritious properties. These algae were traditionally used by Aztec people as a nutritional food source. Spirulina provides protein, the complete range of amino acids, B-Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and Chlorophyll to support optimal health. This supplement is ideal for supporting muscle growth and weight management. Spirulina 1000mg is ideal for children and adults who wish to meet their nutritional requirement for protein and antioxidants. It is also suitable to supplement the dietary profile of athletes, body builders, vegetarians, vegans and those on a weight management program.

Nature’s Farm® Spirulina 1000mg uses organically grown spirulina, which naturally cleanses and purifies your blood while detoxifying your entire body. Known to enhance body wellness from within, this 100% vegetarian formula not only improves digestion and immune health, but also enhances overall energy levels.


  1. 100% vegetarian formula.
  2. Produced with organically-grown spirulina.
  3. Concentrated formula provides high protein content in a convenient tablet format.

Health Benefits:

  • Enhance body’s ability to detox
  • Improve digestive system
  • Boost energy levels
  • Improve immune system
  • Maintain healthy body alkaline level

Ingredient list:  Organic Spirulina

Free Of: Yeast, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Milk, Eggs, Artificial Colours& Preservatives

Recommended Dosage: Take 1-3 tablets half an hour before a meal.


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