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Free local delivery for orders over $120🏡📦🚛

Nature's Farm® Mirtogenol Plus+ 60s


Clinically proven to improve eye function within just weeks of consumption


What is Mirtogenol Plus+?

Developed by an Ophthalmologist and a group of scientists from UK and Italy, Nature’s Farm Mirtogenol® Plus+ is a clinically tested and formula with a proprietary combination of scientifically proven and trademarked ingredients that cater to support healthy eye function: Pycnogenol®️ (pine bark extract) and Mirtoselect®️ (bilberry extract).

It incorporates two scientifically studied ingredients for maximum results clinically proven to improve eye function within just weeks of consumption.

What is Inside Mirtogenol® Plus+?

The two major brand antioxidant ingredients:
Pycnogenol®️ is a pine bark extract that improves the vascular system of the eyes to preserve healthy eyesight.
Mirtoselect® is the only top-tier mulberry brand that has undergone human clinical trials and it helps to improve ocular blood flow and visual fields.
Citrus Bioflavonoids helps to optimize vitamin C absorption, buffer against oxidative stress, enhance clarity of vision and ⁠improve close and distant vision.

What is Mirtogenol® Plus+ Good for?

Mirtogenol® Plus+ is a natural and safe solution for eye health. Supported by two powerful ingredients, Mirtogenol® Plus+ will help improve your eye health by:

  • Regulating eye pressure and reducing eyes’ capillary fragility for better vision health
  • Reducing age related vision declination
  • Promoting better microcirculation
  • Protecting eyes from oxidative damage
  • Helping eyes to adapt to changes in light
  • Reducing occurrence of poor night vision
  • Improving visual acuity
  • Relieving blurred vision, eye strain/fatigue and eye dryness

Who Should Take Mirtogenol Plus+?

1. Frequent dry eyes

2. Contact lens wearers

3. Office workers who use computers

4. Frequent mobile phone users

5. Children & teenagers 

5. Seniors with degenerating eyesight

6. Smokers who are at higher risk of eye damage



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