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Free local delivery for orders over $120🏡📦🚛

Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals, 200g


Schoenenberger Red Beet is loaded with antioxidants to support immune functions. This naturally sweet-tasting, instantly-soluble product is an unadulterated concentrate, carefully obtained from the juice of freshly harvested beet tubers. Quality and nutritional value are fully maintained. Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals blend well into fruit juices, milk and a variety of dishes and desserts. It is also delicious when eaten dry. Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals is painstakingly extracted from the pure pressed juice of the beet tubers. The finished product contains all the valuable, natural nutrition of fresh beets.                               


  • Red Beet is high in iron, potassium and magnesium. It also contains soluble and insoluble fiber, provides sugar stabilizing effects, and supports liver function and regeneration. 
  • The freeze drying process used to make the Schoenenberger Red Beet Crystals, concentrates the Red Beet ingredients, thus amplifying the health effect of this product. 
  • Beets contain betaines which may function to support healthy level of homocysteine, a homolog of the naturally occurring amino acid cysteine. 

Health Benefits:  

  • Great for liver function and regeneration
  • Support healthy liver function
  • Enhance antioxidant protection and immune function
  • Support detoxification
  • Maintain healthy blood pressure with blood lipid inhibiting properties                                                      

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Ingredient list: Organic red beet crystals (organic red beet juice, acidifier: citric acid)

Recommended dosage:

Take 1 heaping tablespoon (approximately 10g) in a glass of water 2-4 times daily before a meal


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