Sukoyaka Hakko Katsukouso Matrix Enzyme

In Japan, Master Sake brewers, also called "toji" use HAKKO, or fermentation techniques passed down through the ages to produce tasty sake.

Yet, did you know that in performing fermentation work, such as stirring koji(malted rice) and handling sake kasu(lees), the hands of toji sake brewers become smooth, fair and beautiful, like the hands of a child?
It is surely proof that fermentation processes are good for the skin!
The benefits of Sukoyaka Hakko Katsukouso Matrix Enzyme can be broken down into:

Skin & Beauty Health

- Reduce the signs of skin aging by eliminating skin oxidation: sagging, wrinkle, freckle, pigmentation, dryness & roughness
- The high capacity of antioxidant-enzyme ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) internally and protect the skin system from harmful substances
- Assist in regenerating new skin cells and delay skin degeneration
- Rich in enzymes SOD which aids for internal detoxification
- Removes toxins and fight against free radicals
- Purify and refreshes the body system
Digestive Health
- Improves bowel regularity
- Reduces constipation
- Assists for nutrient absorption 
Liver Health
- Promotes healthy liver function
- Reduces the symptoms of Hangover (Nausea, Headache) by increasing the metabolism of acetaldehyde
(by-product of Ethanol/Alcohol)
Suggested Usage:
Take 1-3 bottles daily 
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