This May Be The Most Luxurious Collagen Drink Ever

It is believed that everyone is no stranger to the cosmetic effects of collagen, but do you really understand the structure of collagen and its absorption mechanism?

Collagen is an important fibrous protein in the human connective tissue. It is widely present in our skin, hair, joints, blood vessels, and gums. It has the characteristics of adhesion and support, accounting for about 25 to 35% of total body protein.

The human body can synthesize collagen itself under conditions of sufficient vitamin C and protein nutrition. However, as the age increases, the rate of collagen synthesis slows down, and the loss rate increases, resulting in loss of collagen and skin problems. Skin tissue is atrophic, dry and rough, loose, wrinkles, large pores, stains, and joints are worn. To prevent this situation, we need to supplement collagen in time to make up for the loss.

Is it really effective to eat collagen?

We may wish to first look at the structure of collagen

The most basic structure of collagen is composed of three amino acids: Glycine-hydroxylysine-hydroxyproline. This structure needs to reach thousands of amino acids to synthesize into an alpha chain, and polymerization forms a huge helix structure requiring millions of units of amino acids. When the human body digests protein, it first breaks down the protein into the basic amino acid form and then absorbs it through the intestine. If collagen is not pre-treated, the body's digestive tract is not sufficient to digest the structure of the giant helix to the smallest unit, so collagen is generally not absorbed by the body. This is why eating collagen-rich foods such as pig's feet and trotters has a detrimental effect on human body repair.

What is the best source of collagen?
Collagen available in the market for the extraction of animals, such as pigs, cattle and seafood, and so on. Among them, the molecular structure of fish collagen is most similar to that of humans. Therefore, compared with other animals, fish collagen is more easily absorbed by the body. Studies have also shown that the absorption of fish collagen is 1.5 times higher than that of porcine collagen.


How small is the best molecular weight of collagen?
In general, small collagen molecules are easily absorbed by the body. However, if the molecular weight is too small, such as the Oligopeptides in the market, whereby the molecular weight is only about 400-500D (Dalton-Dalton), it will not be able to form the triple helix structure of collagen, and of course it cannot achieve the cosmetic effect that collagen brings.

In order to maintain the basic structure of collagen and at the same time be easily digested and absorbed by human body, scientific research has proved that the molecular weight of collagen of 2000-3000D is most suitable for human body absorption. Collagen with a molecular weight of more than 3,000D is more difficult to be broken down and absorbed in the body. Therefore, collagen, which are popular in the market, has a molecular weight of less than 3000D.

How many milligrams of collagen is enough?
Japanese scholars and health food industry professionals recommend taking a daily dose of 5000 mg. Depending on age and condition, for example, older people need to consume 10,000 to 15,000 milligrams to achieve the best results.


Helpful collagen components:

Collagen can be broken down after it is eaten in the stomach, and it cannot be directly transformed into collagen in the skin. Decomposed small molecules need to be actually used by the body to form collagen in the skin. They must first enter the bloodstream and penetrate the dermal layer of the skin through the micro vessels to stimulate cell growth. In this formation process, collagen must be supplemented with vitamin C to promote the formation and absorption of collagen. Therefore, while eating collagen foods, it is also necessary to add enough vitamin C.

New Product Recommendation

We are debuting Nature's Farm's new Lumière collagen solution. Using collagen extracted from 100% cultured tilapia fish scale, the collagen content is as high as 12,000 mg! This collagen itself does not contain heavy metals, fats, and cholesterol. Its molecular weight is less than 3000D (Dalton-Dalton) and it is easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Lumière Collagen Fluid also contains Vitamin C, Ceramide and Hyaluronic Acid. It not only stimulates the production of collagen, it also effectively retains the moisture of the epidermis and protects the skin from UV rays.

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